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Golfito Sailfish Rancho Lodge sits on a secluded tropical beach at the base of a virgin rainforest facing the emerald waters of the Golfo Dulce and blue waters of the Pacific, nestled in the heart of one of the most bio-diverse places in the world! An abundance of wildlife envelopes guests, giving vacationing anglers an up close look at the exuberant flora and fauna of the wilderness surrounds. The lodge is carved right out of the jungle, tucking itself into the fringe, perched on a remote shoreline, giving a true immersion experience like none other to be found in all of Costa Rica. No roads in or out. Everything comes and goes by boat via the nearby towns. This lodge makes for the perfect destination for anyone looking to ‘unplug’ and enjoy a truly private, exclusive, first class fishing vacation…. The dream of every avid angler.
Golfito Sailfish Rancho is a solidly established and world-renowned sport fishing lodge boasting world records and a long established reputation for a first class fishing adventure on either fly or more traditional gear. It has been rated in the “Top 5 Fishing Lodges of the World”. One guest was overheard saying “ I didn’t believe in God when I got here - I do now!”. The total package-the marine/fishing experience, the secluded, private, waterfront jungle lodge and the five star services – it doesn’t get any better than this!
This entire package - property, boats, inventory- are all held under the Costa Rican corporation, Rancho Pez Vela, SA. This corporation has a government document that insures the rights of this corporation to own and maintain the lodge buildings within the maritime zone of the property. This is a very rare document to own and ensures a lifetime of a viable business in the maritime zone. The Rancho Pez Vela, SA also comes with an ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Commission) permit to import tax free any items the business cannot purchase in Costa Rica. These permits are no longer issued so this is also a highly valued item. The property title is in good, legal order with no attachments.
One of the owners, Abraham Concepcion, born and raised in the area, is willing to stay on with the new owners to ensure an easy entrance into the business and to put the 5 star crew back together. Mr. Concepcion is a well known fly fishing expert and a wonderful teacher. Many clients of the Golfito Sailfish Rancho caught their first pacific sail fish on fly with his help and guidance. He would be another invaluable asset to the new owners of the Golfito Sailfish Rancho.